Big Year

2015 was a big year for my art and 2016 is already shaping up to be another year full of firsts, I'm looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming months.

These last few months have been kind of a breather for me. I haven't melted any wax at all. Instead, I've been really thinking, planning, and fooling around with a couple of fun things just to relax. I love simple collages on paper using vintage photos and books. I've just been playing around with it, a way to flex my creative muscle with no goal in mind but to have fun. I've been enjoying just keeping things simple with scissors and glue.  It's also a good way to use things that have been collecting in my studio for ages (so I can collect more!).

I just received a big shipment of wax and when the new year starts I'm going to melt it! I can't wait!

Below is a slide show of some of the fun paper collages I've been doing. Please excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken with my i-phone. You can see more on my instagram account.