Happy Thanksgiving

I recently attended a 2 day workshop at the home of my art-friend Laura Roberts AKA Hasty Pearl. She hosted artist Leslie Marsh who taught us the fun, perfect for fall, process of eco-dyeing papers and fabric.  We spent the first day dyeing and the second day book-binding and stitching.

I've been lucky to attend art classes and workshops fairly regularly for the past few years and since November is the season of Thanksgiving,  I am feeling especially grateful. I am thankful for teachers who share what they know and are generous with their time and expertise.  I am thankful for workshop hosts and organizers that work hard to make the whole experience possible. I am thankful for the artists I have met who have encouraged me, included me,  answered my questions, and given advise and critique. And last, but possibly most important of all, I am thankful for a supportive husband who doesn't think I'm crazy to pursue an artful life and doesn't complain about having to mind our three year old while I'm off making stuff.

UPDATE: My husband read this post and he is unwilling to commit as to whether or not I am crazy, but he loves me anyway:)

Here's a little slide-show of my eco-dyeing workshop with Leslie and Laura.