EncaustiCamp 2015

For the past few years, I've wanted to attend EncaustiCamp and this July I finally made it happen! It was a wonderful experience to spend a week in a beautiful setting amongst other creative people. I chose the Track 2 route, which was intended to be an open studio of sorts for experienced encaustic painters, with the benefit of having instructors there if guidance was needed. I learned a lot from instructors Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, Sue Stover, Michelle Belto, and Crystal Neubauer. I also learned from my fellow attendees as many of them were also experienced artists. I returned home with a list of new ideas I want to explore. On our "off day," I was lucky enough to visit the studios of three successful encaustic artists in the Seattle area. It was an inspiring experience to see the work and creative spaces of artists Willow Bader, Larry Calkins, and Stephanie Hargrave, they were all very generous with their time and expertise.