Where I Make Stuff

I love to look at images of artist studios on Pinterest. The space is often a reflection of their creative work, it just looks like them. We moved into a new house in January and I gained the luxury of having an entire room as my studio space. In our last house, I had a teeny space in a former screen porch. When we moved I thought my new space was huge in comparison but then the movers started putting boxes in the room, and they just kept coming and coming. I didn't realize until that moment just how much art stuff I had - I think I had at least four giant boxes of collage papers alone. It's jam-packed, and it may look like a mess, but I know where everything is and it's totally me. In a few years, when my son is in school full-time, I may move into our backyard guest-house. That's my dream anyway, because right now it's kind of an uninhabitable mess and needs a lot of work. But, who am I kidding, I would probably just fill that space up with art-junk in a week! Here's some photos of my art space, and here's a link to the studio inspiration board on Pinterest I just started.