I have some great news, one of my pieces was selected for an exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in California. The exhibition, titled "Another Way of Keeping a Diary" is sponsored by the International Encaustic Artists and runs from November 20, 2015 - January 31, 2016. The juror was David Limrite. He released a statement giving us a glimpse into his selection process that I thought was very insightful. Here is the letter:

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be your juror for 'Another Way of Keeping A Diary.' I would like to thank you for the honor you placed in my hands of selecting the work to be included in this important exhibition. Congratulations to all of you for entering this exhibit and especially to those of you who were juried into this show. I want you all to know that I did not take this responsibility lightly. Please remember that this is one person's opinion. As an artist myself, I tried to make my choices from a place of respect for the creative journey.

I based my selections on a select set of criteria. I would like to briefly discuss these with you now. I hope that by understanding my thought process, you will be able to make sense of the show when you actually see it. Which I hope you all will make an effort to do.

I chose work that best represented, for me, mature and accomplished expressions of art making, as well as, those that exhibited a mastery of encaustic. I also looked for work that appeared to push encaustic to its limits.

Most important to me was,'Did the artist allow themselves to release their creativity?'

The work chosen had to have made a sincere effort to honor and explore the theme of this exhibit. Also, the work had to evoke something such as mood, emotion, drama, story or memory.

I chose work:

- That felt very personal in nature.
- That constructed a story through layers and then freed that story from under the surface.
- Whose surfaces and layers appeared to have been excavated to reveal secrets, or were seeded with objects, images and writings with personal meaning. Much like a diary.
- In which a mysterious surface was created, which allowed the artist to suspend their private thoughts.

I was not looking for just a landscape or a portrait or a cityscape or a still life. I was looking for something more. I was looking for work that transported me. Somewhere. Anywhere. I was looking for work that made my heart respond. That woke up my soul. That peaked my interest. I was looking for work that was interesting to look at, to ponder and to tryunderstand.

Do I respond to this piece?
Does it make me smile?
Would I like to live with it?
Does it cause me to be amazed, delighted, surprised or moved?
Do I feel a connection with the artist who created it?

I also looked for strength in the foundations of picture making. Specifically: design, composition, shape, color, value, line, texture and edge.

Lastly, I looked for work that was brimming with the joy of process.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of your beautiful work. It has been my distinct pleasure and honor to be your juror for 'Another Way Of Keeping A Diary.'

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. See you soon.

David Limrite

Thank You, 24" x 18" x 1.5", encaustic, oil, ink, and collage on cradled wood panel

Thank You, 24" x 18" x 1.5", encaustic, oil, ink, and collage on cradled wood panel