A little about me...


My work is inspired by a life-long love of history. When I was a teenager, my grandfather became interested in genealogy and traced our family back hundreds of years. The rich story of my heritage fascinated me, but what really turned me into a history junkie was seeing copies of old family papers and photographs. It was through these preserved remnants of everyday life that I felt a connection to those that came before me and to my grandfather.

My love of old paper is often the foundation of my work. It is the jumping-off point to an entirely new idea and image. Whether I am working with encaustic, paint, collage, or a combination of all three, I work in the studio with a general concept, but I am substantially informed by intuition.  I think about the passage of time as expressed in the layers of my work, with each choice covering over the past but still leaving it faintly visible. It is in this way that the history of the piece is created.

Originally from South Louisiana, I now live in San Antonio, Texas in a century-old fixer-upper with my husband, 2 children, one loud beagle, and a sneaky chihu